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BBEA 2013 Conference at Seattle

It was very exciting to get to see Chris again; and Carol and Susan since the 2011 Buteyko Educators Training in Michigan! Also met many new Buteyko Educators such as Don, Lynn, Gordon, and Tess Graham all the way from Australia!

In addition, thanks to the support from the BBEA community, I will begin to serve as a board member of the BBEA!

BBEA 2013 conference group photo

BBEA 2013 Conference. Source: BBEA Newsletter Fall 2013

How to Breathe during Color Run

How to Breathe During Color Run

How to Breathe during Color Run

Running, in recent years, has becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Besides the traditional marathon events for the extremes, more people are attending the half marathons and 10Ks; but most importantly, there are many “themed” runs being hosted for both the running enthusiasts as well as the general public who just want to have fun. These runs are generally short, only about 5km long, so anyone can finish it. It’s not timed, so no pressure, no need to rush; you could literally just walk the entire route if you want, and just take your time to enjoy the theme.

So last weekend I attended one of these “themed” run called the color run here in Vancouver, Canada. All attendees start the run with a white t-shirt from the event, and like the name describes, you “get colored” during the run, and at the end of the run you “become colored”.

How to Breathe during color run

How to breathe during color run

“How was it?” If you ask, I’d say it was a pretty fun event, a half day well spent with a couple friends.

One problem, that some runners have with this event, is the “getting colored” part. Basically, there are 4 set up points along the run course, each point is called a color zone with a unique color assigned to it (purple, yellow, blue, orange). Volunteers in each color zone continuously throw packs of colored corn starch powders into the air and onto the runners, so that the runners get colored as they pass by.

How to Breathe during color run

How to Breathe during Color Run

While the event host claim these powders are safe, they still recommend people who find the powders irritating should wear a mask or goggle or something to cover their eyes, nose, and mouth. Nonetheless, it’s best to keep these powders outside of your body.

So, if you can, try to take a full breath in just before you enter the color zone, and hold your breath until you completely pass the color zone. For people who have been trained with Buteyko Breathing, this should be a piece of cake for you all.

If you can’t hold your breath throughout the zone (the zone really isn’t that long), then please make sure you keep your mouth closed and breathe only through your nose! If you breathe through your mouth, you literally become a vacuum for the powders, all those powders in the air will go directly into your lungs. If you find eating those powders disgusting and unhealthy, shuffling those powders into your lungs (instead of stomach) is much much worse! If you breathe through your nose, at least the filters (ie. ciliary hair) inside your nasal cavity and along the trachea can help filter out most of the powders.

Our body has it’s own natural cleansing mechanism, gradually over time the trapped powders will slowly get pushed out from the nasal cavity by the mucus. If you want to make sure your nasal cavity is cleaned fast and thorough, then you can use a pulsatile nasal irrigator to help you rinse out all the trapped powders in your nasal cavity.

Enjoy the run, and stay healthy!

A clever mom who knew the importance of nasal breathing

Air canadaNovember 2012 – I was on a Air Canada flight flying from Vancouver to Chicago OHare airport, where I’ll be connected onto another flight flying to Germany. After the plane had levelled in the air, the lady on my left who was seating in the windows seat asked where I was going, I told her I was attending MEDICA in Dusseldorf; it’s the largest annual medical trade fair. She was a marketing manager of a company in the oil and energy industry, and she was heading to Chicago to meet some of their clients.

She told me both her husband and her son had issues with asthma and hay fever, but before I had the chance to start my quick 30 seconds information session on Buteyko Breathing Technique, she quickly continued on saying that she had already found an easy fix to it. Was I surprised by the solution she found? No, because it was “nasal breathing”. She said just by ensuring her husband and her son to nasal breathing at all time, their symptoms had reduced significantly and were healthier than before. A very clever mom, she had perfect understanding and awareness of the importance of our nose.

There are many sources that promote the benefit of nasal breathing, but most of the time we simply ignore them because “breathing through your nose” just doesn’t sound exciting or significant at all. But sometimes, it is this kind of small detail or habit, which carries a great impact to you and me.

Mouth Breathing vs. Nose Breathing [shared]

Here’s an article from on mouth breathing vs. nose breathing.


Effects of Mouth Breathing

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, or AGD, mouth breathing is often a problem for allergy sufferers, who experience airway obstruction during allergy season and are unable to breathe through their noses. Mouth breathing can lead to poor oxygen concentration in the bloodstream, which can lead to more serious medical problems such as high blood pressure, heart problems, sleep apnea and other sleeping problems.


Mouth breathing can be especially detrimental in children, who may suffer abnormal facial and dental development as a result. Left untreated, mouth breathing may lead to narrow faces, crooked teeth or gummy smiles. The AGD also reports that children who breathe through their mouths typically have sleeping problems, which can lead to poor academic performance and is often misdiagnosed as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. In a 2009 study performed at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil, mouth breathers experienced higher rates of poor bite and misalignment of teeth.

Read more:

Quick Update

This post was originally posted on on 18th-FEB-2013.

We’ll now be using wordpress for posting update for, our newly set up website for serving the Vancouver area. At the moment, will be managed by Dr. Hung Chen Tseng in Taiwan.

On Saturday (16th-Feb), Howard met with Buteyko Educator Chris Bauman from Victoria, at Dr. Edmund Liem’s dental office in Burnaby. It was the last session for a group of dentist learning Buteyko Technique to help patients with sleep apnea and snoring, as well as to reduce the chance of developing crooked teeth in children.