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Common solution for snoring and sleep apnea (apnoea) that you won’t enjoy – Part 3: CPAP

cpap for sleep apnea

CPAP is the abbreviation for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. A CPAP machine consists of 3 parts, a mask that fit onto your face, which kind of looks like a lite version of a storm trooper’s mask in Star Wars; and a tube that connects the mask to a machine  that pumps air to you continuously throughout the night. A full CPAP set generally range in the hundreds and can go up to a couple thousand dollars depending on the grade of the machine and what kind of extra features and functions are added; In general, a CPAP does work in addressing the sleep apnoea issue. A CPAP machine forces air in and out through your throat; it drives your breathing so that your breathing will be continuous throughout the night. However, many people find wearing a breathing mask to sleep is just as discomfort and irritating as wearing a mouth piece, if not more. Also, if you are a light sleeper, the sound of the CPAP machine running may be what keeps you awake now. Not to mention you will need to rely on the machine for the rest of your life, and always carry with you when you travel. 

Common solution for Snoring and Sleep Apnea (apnoea) that you won’t enjoy, Part 2 – Surgery

surgery for snoring and sleep apnoeaI’ve never had a sleep apnoea surgery done on me so I wouldn’t be able to comment this from my own experience. While surgery may be a quick fix to your problem, there’s no guarantee. as many people go into the surgical room with the anticipation that all their sleeping problems are solved once they are out the door, while this may be the case for some people, for the others, it’s not. While many medical surgeries are quite safe nowadays, still no medical surgeries can guarantee a 100% success rate. Surgeries also often come with post-surgical side effects (this is assuming the initial surgery was a success). I am not saying you should never have a surgery performed; sometimes a surgery is necessary, but because a surgery is not reversible, you really don’t want to do it unless it is really your last resort and only option left. Continue reading

Common solution for Snoring and Sleep Apnea (apnoea) that you won’t enjoy, Part 1 – Mouth Piece

There are many types of mouthpiece on the market, but they all do the same thing, keeps your jaws together by biting onto the mouth piece during sleep; known as jaw retention or mandibular position appliances (There are also a few that emphasize on the tongue retention). Mouthpiece can either be bought off the shelf, or they can be fully custom-made for you by dentists who specialize in sleep treatment with oral appliances. Continue reading